Date Released : 10 March 2011
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance
Quality : BRRip
Cast : Lim Chang Jung, Kim Gyu-ri, Kim Tae-Hoon

Sang Yeol (Im Chang Jeong) is a male model who has a crush on fellow female model, So Yeon (Kim Gyu Ri). Both work for the home shopping channel that promote kitchen products. However, So Yeon does not like Sang Yeol.
On one rainy night, So Yeon asks Sang Yeol out and later he spends the night in a motel room. He could not remember exactly what happened the night before but he guessed that he must have slept with her.
Soon So Yeon finds herself pregnant by her boyfriend Park (Kim Tae Hoon), who is a TV producer. He wants her to abort the baby. Since she wants to keep the baby she informs Sang Yeol that she is pregrant with his baby. Will the truth be revealed in the end? 

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